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General Terms and Conditions

Order Procession

Our team processes orders right after their submission. We have an individual approach towards each customer and try to start working on each order in due course.

Most orders are processed within 5 business days. In case an order has to be adjusted, the term of its completion can extend up to 7 business days. In rare cases, the executor can delay an order up to 2 weeks. If for some reason we are unable to send your order within this period, we will contact you using the contact information provided in your order (email).

Things included in order execution:

1. Patch printing on a film;
2. Thermal transfer of the film onto material;
3. Gluing of two materials;
4. Logo-shaped patch clipping;
5. Perimeter overlock sewing of the patch;
6. Order shipping to the customer.


Delivery time drastically differs depending on customer’s postal service and country. Normally, shipping takes 15 to 30 business days. It is necessary to take into account that postal service doesn’t work during holidays.

It is also crucial to understand that in some cases orders go through an additional customs control, so the parcel can be delayed due to this procedure.

If you haven’t received your order on time, you should contact your postal office first and check with them using the tracking number and only then get in touch with us.

If an order stays in the customer’s postal office, the postal service sends the parcel back to sender. In this case, Patchforgi is not responsible for the order. Upon client’s request, the company can re-send the order for an additional fee. All the shipping details are discussed via email.


If the client doesn’t receive the parcel within 60 days, it means that transportation company and postal service have lost it. In such cases, the manufacturer commits to refund the client and execute their order once again.

Refund is processed within 5 business days from the moment of client’s request placement.

If a client accidentally receives a package containing someone else’s order, Patchforgi commits to re-do the order as soon as possible and send it to the customer or re-send the order to the correct address. In this case, the customer commits to send the other package to its owner at the correct address or return it to the manufacturer. In case, the manufacturer has re-completes the order and sends to the customer, and confirms the shipping via a receipt, but the buyer doesn’t send the other customer’s order, the buyer holds responsibility in the amount of their and another customer’s orders costs.


We are always striving to achieve the best result in an order execution, but there are several manufacturing factors that should be taken into account:

1. In most cases, the design is printed from the customer’s file and the color can be slightly different from what is seen in the initial file;
2. It has to be noted that depending on each separate order, the patch color can be 100% different due to technical reasons, but in most cases the color is very close to the original image;
3. In order to get the highest quality during printing, the file has to be provided in a vector format made in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or in a bitmap format made in Adobe Photoshop (but the file has to be layered);
4. Files are received in .eps, .cdr, .psd, and .tiff formats in the CMYK color resolution;
5. If the file was sent in a .jpg format, Patchforgi cannot guarantee a 100% color rendition;
6. Image sizes are very important for printing. For a successful patch printing, it is crucial to provide a file in a very good resolution. Optimally, file size should be at least 2,500 pixels. Otherwise, the executor doesn’t guarantee product quality.

Patchforgi strives to provide customers with the highest quality products. But, each manufacturing process has its own factors. From time to time, a rare flaw occurs. In order to assure satisfactions of both BJJ-worlds, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of all the defects as soon as possible.